The Jigsaw of Life

Archie Workman (@TheGamechanger)  visited the Business Breakfast to present the world premiere of his "Jigsaw of Life" analogy.

Archie is Managing Director of Ulverston Business Centre and has a distinguished background in marine engineering with British Shipbuilders at senior management level. In addition to business troubleshooting, arranging interim management and attracting inward investment Archie also provides mentoring to people and companies who want to "Change their Game".

Armed with a 1000 piece puzzle for audience participation he asked the group what pieces might be missing from their Jigsaw of Life.

Archie Workman and Millom Network Centre Manager Paul Stuart

Archie Workman and Network Centre Manager Paul Stewart

A common theme was time. For both business progression and to address the work-life balance by catching some much needed relaxation.

As the group explored the analogy it became clear that business planning often starts with an indicative picture similar to the illustration on the puzzle box followed by a hunt for the anchors such as finance, business plan, marketing strategy which equate to the four corners and straight edges of the puzzle.

Gradually the interior is filled. One observation was that as the interior is filled and further selections become easier more people are likely to take an interest in the project.

A couple of people commented that they felt they had once had a complete puzzle that had been reduced to chaos by a sudden life event as if the table had been tipped over! All of a sudden a different picture with different pieces may be needed.

Others reflected that for some people the Jigsaw of Life can mimic modern circular puzzles that only have a vague description of the end result.

The picture on the box can become two or more pictures if other people are involved with the vision of a project's direction. The two differing view points may mean different missing pieces don't interlock at first.

Thank you Archie for a thought provoking and entertaining talk.

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