Lake District Rangers visit MadBB

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Rebecca Cathey and  Phil Clague gave a presentation on the Lake District National Park Authority Ranger team in the west: Roles and Projects’.

Rebecca gave an overview of the Communities Fund that supports projects as diverse as rainwater harvesting and improvements to village halls. Communities can apply for grants between £500 and £5000.

Phil Clague explained that the donations to the Park are likely to be handled slightly differently over the next few months. Many people seek to donate money for the erection of a bench in memory of a relative or friend. The LDNPA are going to encourage people to support the park in other ways, such as rights or ways markers. The new system will be web based.

There is also a strategy in the Western Lake District sector to enhance paths, trails and cycle tracks from the west coast along the valleys leading into the heart of the National Park. Linking the road, rail coastal routes. The BRAG collaboration  which saw an upgrade of the Eskdale Trail is an example of schemes that form part of this wider strategy.

Businesses were able to comment on how the proximity of the Lake District National Park impacts on them.

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