Elected Mayor of Copeland budget consultation with businesses

The Elected Mayor Of Copeland Mike Starkie gave a presentation on Copeland Borough Council’s Budget Proposals for 2016/17 at the Millom and District Business Breakfast this morning.

Mr Starkie was joined by  Copeland Borough Council staff Julie Betteridge and Mike Graham.

A document was tabled with detailed strategy proposals including plans to target four town centres for regeneration, Millom being one of them.

Other proposals include a local apprenticeship scheme creating 5 apprenticeships within the Council in the first year and detailed review of finances within the Council to ensure smart procurement maximises the use of every pound of public money.

The medium term strategy is to be a financially self-sufficient Council by 2021 through an active commercial agenda.


Business Breakfast participants asked questions in three key aspects:

  1. Support for tourism
  2. Reassessment of the de-trunking of the A595.
  3. Sunday and evening rail services.


Mr Starkie acknowledged the importance of these topics to the local community.

He reminded the group that members of the public can keep in touch with him at:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikestarkie

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mayorofcopeland/

Photos : Andy Deacon DPI

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