Unit 3 MNC

Activity is in full flow at Unit 3 MNC Work and Skills Centre on Devonshire Road.

The latest addition to activity at Unit 3 is the Flexible Support Partnership and RV Projects Europe. Flexible Support Partnership assists people aged 18 and above to improve their prospects for long term employment. RV Projects Europe Ltd supports 16 to 24 year old volunteers to work in communities across Europe and gain qualifications to enable employability.

unit3-photo1So far, participants on the Flexible Support Partnership, funded by the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions), have had a go at making a bird box as an introduction to joinery and the safe use of tools and been inspired to make a variety of bird boxes. Developing these skills has led to the manufacture of a bench with side planters, a garden bench, window boxes and a welcome sign. The bird boxes are now of interest to the RSPB and other visitors. This has also led to the completion of our first commercial order of 2 sets of double doors as a part of a refit for a boat on the River Thames in London.

unit3-photo3Participants also access support with job search, CVs, letters of application and can enjoy one to one support with literacy and numeracy, along with a range of other activities including bike maintenance, scroll saw work, horticulture and social activities. There are opportunities for more skills development including those associated with the construction industry, tourism and hospitality.

When asked, why do you come here? One of the participants said:

“I am learning new skills in joinery and meeting new people from the town who I have never spoken to before. There is an enjoyable, relaxed atmosphere and the course is flexible. For anyone who has not done any joinery before it is a good starting point and gives you something practical to do in-between job searching. We also help each other out when making bird boxes and other things”.

Another said:

“It’s something to do and much better than being bored at home. Gran loves the bird box I made for her”.

We start the day with a brew to catch up with each other and discuss what is happening for the day. Each participant’s programme is unique to them and designed as part of the induction process to make the whole experience valuable and individual.

unit3-photo2Participants are encouraged to take part in volunteering opportunities. This includes activity at RSPB Hodbarrow Reserve, Age UK charity shop in town and the Shine project in Barrow.
One of our younger participants is set to go further afield with the RV Europe Project and will be volunteering in Europe.  We look forward to a report in the future.

If you or anyone you know is interested in getting involved here either as a participant or partner organization then call Carol on 01229 666025 or Paul on 01229 719650 and we will be pleased to meet with you.

  • training areas for construction type courses
  • workshops/units for rent
  • secure indoor storage space for rent inside
  • meeting and training rooms
  • business opportunities under one roof

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Please contact us if you would like to be involved or if interested in hiring or renting any services to be offered in 2015.

Contact Paul Stewart on (01229) 719650
email: paul@millomnetworkcentre.co.uk